• Classroom Expectations


    Expectations:  We follow R.O.A.R. in computers, R-espect

                                                                            O-n task, on time

                                                                            A-cting with Kindess


                                       Come to class prepared to learn, work and engage

                                        Be respectful

                                        Be honest

                                        Act with courtesy

                                        Try, Try, Try and do your best! 


    Homework/Assignments are assigned on Mondays and have varying due dates.  We do most work in class and collaborate with other teachers on major projects.  Computer class and the curriculum follow the state of Montana technology standards and are assigned as units.  Assignments will be posted to the website after the second week of school and updated as assignments are assigned.  Please see the Student Handbook for school wide policy as well. 

    Absences, Make up, Late Work: If you miss a class or are going to have a late assignment, you must contact me before the assignment is due to make arrangements.  I am more than happy and willing to work with students to get work in.  Points will be deducted for late work.  Make up work will be given a separate due date if need be. 

    Please be familiar with the student handbook policy on technology and usage of technology and follow the Target Range guidelines.