School Supplies  


    Kindergarten Supply List



    *The following items are "community items" and will be shared by all!

    No need to label them!

    1 Box of Markers

    2-3 Boxes of Crayons

    10-12 Glue Sticks (more is always welcomed!)

    1 Bottle of Elmer’s Glue

    1 Snack to Share (approximately 20 students in the class. Goldfish, box of crackers, cereal, etc.)

    1 Pair of scissors

    2 Packs of Pencils

    1 Composition Journals

    Ziploc bags – sandwich or gallon size without sliders preferably.


    *The following items will belong to your child! PLEASE LABEL with Name.

    1 Beach Towel or small blanket for "Recharge Time"

    1 Backpack

    1 2 inch. Three ring binder for portfolios (feel free to decorate the front if desired)

    1 White t-shirt for tie-dying in the spring

    1 Pair of Gym Shoes-non marking white sole shoes (CLEAN- previously used are acceptable)- these shoes will remain at school throughout the school year to be used for all activities that are held in the gym. If you are considering new shoes or boots, please think about the best way for your child to be independent - laces vs. Velcro or slip-ons.


    *Wish list (These items would be great to have extras, but not required.                            

    Kleenex                Play-Doh/play-doh tools

    Watercolor paints          Colored pencils      

    Paper plates         Dixie Cups      Band-Aids

    Prize box items: stickers, pencils, erasers, small toys.


    Please let me know if you have questions about supplies!

    Our office will always have extra supplies when school starts.

    The wish list items are not mandatory; we will be just fine if you stick to

    the original supply list.