• The ABC’S of a PAW-sitive Kindergarten Experience at Target Range

     Paw Prints


          Please remember that your child’s attendance at school is important for their growth and learning.   If your child happens to be absent please remember to call the office to excuse them.   We look forward to seeing your child at school so we can provide them with meaningful learning opportunities.  


         Each child will need a backpack to carry home his/her papers and folders. No rolling bookbags are allowed. Please make sure the backpack is big enough to carry school work, homework folder and a jacket in the wintertime.


                We know that kindergarten is a huge milestone for both students and parents. Please know that we are here to care for your children and look forward to the opportunity to do so.  Thank you for giving us the chance to teach and impact your children.  

    D-Dismissal and Arrival  

              Before school all Target Range students are asked to be outside on the big playground in the back of the school. Supervision is available starting at 8:00 AM. If your child arrives at school before this time, they will be asked to stay in the multipurpose room with the students having breakfast until supervision is available on the playground. Alternative arrangements will be made during the winter months.  School starts at 8:30.

    Kindergarten students will be dismissed at 3:00 each day. Teachers will walk your child to the front by the bell.  All three kindergarten teachers will be out front until 3:15 PM to answer questions and provide supervision of our students. We encourage you to pick up your child before this time; however, if you are running late your child will be waiting in the office for you to pick them up from school.   Bus kids will be escorted to the back playground for an after school recess with supervision.  They will then be walked to the bus at 3:30.   If your child is attending an after school program please let us know so we can make proper arrangements. 

    If your child is being picked up from school by someone new, going home with a friend or if you are making a change to the typical after school routine we ask that you send us a note, an email or leave a message on or voicemail to keep us in the loop.  To ensure safety, no child will be allowed to change their routine without written or verbal permission from a parent or guardian.

    Thursday Early Out Dismissal at 2:00 pm weekly


         A great way to keep in touch with teachers is through e-mail. Our e-mail address’ at school are Samantha.worster@target.k12.mt.us  ,tabetha.fackler@target.k12.mt.usAshley.liberko@target.mt.us 


         Every Monday your child will receive a homework folder with work in it, please send the folder and the work back to school by Friday. On Friday your child will have a Friday folder in their backpack.  Please take the work and return the folder back to school. Also, please make sure to look for any important information that might be in the papers.


         Every nine weeks your child will receive a report card. This report card is performance based and will be an on-going assessment throughout the school year. More information about the report card will be shared during our Parent Teacher Conferences.


         Homework folders will be sent home most weeks with your child.  These folders contain fun activities that reinforce the skills taught at school. Please make sure to check your child’s backpack on Mondays for homework. Fill out the information inside the file folder and return them both to school on Friday. We recognize many families are extremely busy therefore the activities are short and do not need to be returned to school until Friday. Please note reading homework from our Walk-to-Read program will not start coming home until October.  We appreciate your support to reinforce the skills we are learning in our classrooms. 


         The question of when to keep your child home from school is often a difficult one, especially when decisions must be made first thing in the morning. It is important, however, to keep your child home if he/she is ill. This helps to make them more comfortable and prevents others from becoming ill. Children function more effectively in the classroom when they are healthy.

    J-Join PTO

         Target Range does have a Parent Teacher Organization. Meetings will be held throughout the school year. If you are interested more information will be become available at a later date.


         Students in our classroom are encouraged and expected to treat all members of our class as well as others with kindness and respect, hitting, fighting, name-calling, and making fun of others will not be permitted.


         The school will provide lunch and breakfast for the children who wish to purchase one. Breakfast is served from 8:00-8:20 every day. The cost for lunch is $2.45 a day. The price of breakfast is $1.25. For convenience, you may pay by the week or month. Checks are made payable to Target Range School.  You may also pay online via our webpage at www.target.k12.mt.us Milk is available for students with lunchboxes for $.40.

    M-Music, PE, Spanish, Library

         Your child will go to library, Spanish, music or PE every day. We will make a note in our newsletters about which special area they will be attending on which days. For your child’s safety please make sure that your child wears tennis shoes on the days we have PE.  We ask that you bring a pair of clean shoes for PE that stay at school. This will help all students to have the proper shoes at all times. Also, please help your students return their library books on their library day so they can check out a new book.


         Please send any notes to school for us in your child’s folders or in their backpack.  If your child is going home a different way, please make sure to write a note. If we do not receive a note your child will be sent home their regular way. Also, if your child happens to be riding a bus home with a friend please make sure to write a note giving your child permission.

    O-Open House

         We will be having a school wide open house Tuesday, August 25th @ 5:30. This will be a night we can come together and we will discuss the different things your child will be learning this year and give you a change to bring family to see your child’s classroom and move in.  Please bring your school supplies.    Following the Open House is a BBQ behind the school.   Kindergarten is in charge of bringing dessert!  


         We will have seasonal parties throughout the school year, more information to come. Also, if your child is celebrating their birthday you may bring in cupcakes, cookies or a snack of choice for a birthday celebration. If you are planning on doing this for your child please let teachers know a few days before your child’s birthday so we can plan accordingly.


         If you at any time have any questions please feel free to contact us. You can contact your child’s teacher at school between the hours of 7:45 and 4:00.  We may not be able to come to the phone right away, but we will call you back at our soonest available moment. You and your child are important to us and we think of us as a team.

    R-Rest Time (Recharge Time)

         We will only be having a recharge time for the first part of the school year and then we will assess our classes and the need to continue it. Your child only needs a small blanket. We only rest for a short time period. Blankets will be sent home periodically for washing. Please wash and don’t forget to return blankets to school. 


         We will have snack time twice each day, each teacher does snack a little differently so please watch weekly newsletters for more information. 


          Children are asked NOT to bring toys from home. They are very distracting. We cannot be responsible for broken toys or hurt feelings caused by them. Each child will have a couple show-n-share days that a special item of their choice can be brought to school. Please check the snack and show-n-share calendar for your child's day.


          “U” are important in your child’s education. Together we will make a difference in your child’s lives.    U are a teacher too, the most important teacher!   Thank you in advance for working together with us to make a meaningful learning experience for your child.  


    If you choose to volunteer in the classroom, for field trips, or tutoring, please be aware that you will be required to have a background check.  If you have already had this clearance, due to an older sibling you will not need to complete it again.  We welcome any and all help in our kindergarten classrooms. If you are interested in volunteering please complete the necessary background information form and return it to the front office as soon as possible. We will begin our parent volunteer program around the first of October to allow time for our kindergarten friends to adjust to the classroom routine.

    W- Walk to Read

    Starting in October all kindergarten students will participate in our Walk-to-Read program. For an hour each day they will be with their specific reading teacher. Students are assigned to the reading group that best suits their current skills. The grouping is flexible which means your child could change groups throughout the year based on his or her needs. The reading teachers are Ms, Dahl, Mrs. Fackler, Mrs. Liberko. 

    X-Extra Clothes

         If you think that your child may need an extra set of clothes please send a set to school in your child’s backpack.   You never know when we may need them; in case of a bathroom accident, messy spill or wet and muddy playgrounds. This way we do not have to bother you at work or home. These clothes will stay in your child’s backpack since we have no space at school to store them.

    Y-Younger Siblings

         It is in your child’s and the programs best interest to have our parent volunteers available without younger children as much as possible. This not only allows your full attention to be focused on the class, but also allows for some special time between you and your kindergartner. Thank you for making childcare arrangements for younger siblings.  Of course younger siblings are welcome to join us for classroom parties and special events.


         Make sure yore child gets plenty of rest. A kindergarten room is a busy place and you will probably find your child exhausted at the end of the day. Setting and keeping a bedtime is a wonderful gift you can give to your child. It will help them to be alert and ready to learn each day!


          Thank you for working together with us to create a PAW-sitive learning environment for your children.  If at any time you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us!



    Your Kindergarten Team

    Ms. Worster, Mrs. Fackler, and Mrs. Liberko