Out of District Enrollment Information

  • A Guide for Parents of Out of District Students

    Target Range School District has a healthy tradition of accepting out of district students. The process involves your family, district administration, and the Target Range School District Board of Trustees.

    The District will consider the following criteria for discretionary admission of nonresident students: the student’s academic record, disciplinary record, including truancy records, and the current student level in the class in which the student would be admitted.

    In the case of incoming kindergarten students or those who have been home-schooled, cases where no prior records exist, the Superintendent/designee will meet with the family and determine the student’s likelihood for success based on behavior, attendance, and acceptance of school expectations and policies. The Superintendent/designee will review the student candidate based on the above listed criteria while also considering current sibling enrollment and if the student is a dependent of a current or incoming employee to determine whether or not to recommend the student for admission.

    In the case of too many requests for a specific grade level, students will be selected using a lottery system after the previous criteria have been applied. The District will not admit any nonresident student who is serving a suspension or expulsion in another school district.

    Every student who attends the District as a nonresident student is subject to re-evaluation every year and will be assessed annually. Administration will assess all nonresident students at the end of each year.

    All resident students who become nonresident students due to a move by the students’ parents from the District may continue attendance for the semester, barring registration in another school district. At the completion of the semester, the student must apply for admission as a nonresident student if the student wishes to remain in the District.