• 2018-2019 4th Grade

    These items will be shared by all student – no need to label:

    1 box of markers

    1 box of colored pencils

    6 glue sticks

    1 box of Kleenex

    6 dozen #2 Ticonderoga pencils

    3 large erasers

    3 packages pencil top erasers

    1 package loose leaf paper

    4 Expo dry erase markers (fine tip)

    2 fine tip black Sharpie markers

    2 red correcting pens

    Please label with your child’s name:

    1 pair of scissors

    1 pair of gym shoes that can be left at school***

    1 backpack 1 – 2” or 3” 3-ring binder or trapper keeper

    4 plastic folders (3 hole punched)

    1 pencil pouch (must fit in 3-ring binder)

    1 composition notebook

    1 earphones/earbuds

    ***Gym shoes should be clean with non-marking soles(previously used is fine). They will be kept at school for the year to use for PE