• Target Range Public School

    District #23


    Barb Droessler, Principal – Corey Austin, Superintendent


    Welcome to another great year with the Target Range Band Program!  Together, we are in for an exciting and fun musical endeavor.


    Target Range band students are instructed by Brendan McGlynn. A co-operative and communicative network exists to assure students have a great musical experience and outstanding performance groups.


    The 5-8 bands are curricular courses which meet daily and perform during the year.  Extra-curricular options include private studio study and student solos and/or chamber ensembles.  Target Range students are offered a high quality music program and are encouraged to take advantage of the many opportunities.


    Concert uniforms (shirts) will be provided by the school.  Students must supply nice pants or any other appropriate attire.


    The following pages in this handout include: 2) Grading Policy/Contract  3) Student Materials List 4) Emergency Information. The last page is to be read, signed and returned to the next class meeting!!!


    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at school; brendan.mcglynn@target.k12.mt.us


    Thanks and let’s have a great year!!

    Brendan McGlynn


    The grading components, criteria and expectations for this course are outlined below.  By fulfilling the requirements listed you will earn more than a satisfactory grade, you will earn musical growth.  The following areas will be used for grading purposes with a percentage for the student’s grade deriving from each general area:


    DAILY WORK: 30% of the grade:  The student is to be on time, prepared and ready for each class session.  Appropriate musical/rehearsal behaviors are expected and assessed at all times.  To fulfill this component, successful completion of one or more of these options per grading quarter is required:

    -Active participation in the ensemble

    -Attitude during rehearsal and towards other students and/or instructor

    -Bringing your instrument, music and a pencil to every class

    -Other pertinent musical projects as planned and contracted by the student and teacher to meet student needs


    MUSICIANSHIP: 25% of the grade:  To further develop musical growth, the student must display achievement outside of class.  Because our rehearsal time is limited, it is essential for every student to take advantage of practice time, musical performances and other various endeavors that are available to students.  To fulfill this component, successful completion of one or more of these options per grading quarter is required:

    -Assigned playing tests

    -Completing practice minutes

    -Attending approved concerts

    -Written music assignments


    PERFORMANCES: 45% of the grade:  Performance attendance is considered equal to a major test in the music areas.  Each successful student will perform to the best of his/her ability after arriving on time in the proper attire.  Students will be notified of all performance dates as soon as they become available.

    Target Range ensembles are unique among curriculum classes in that they are also performance organizations.  Students in these classes must understand from the outset that each performance and rehearsal is considered a necessary part of the class curriculum and will be treated as such.  Each student is responsible not only to himself or herself, but also responsible to the organization as a whole and to the other students for participation in performances.

    Absences from performances may be excused by the instructor ONLY for emergency illness, family emergency, or other school event arranged in advance between the instructors involved.  Excused absences must be verified by a written note from the parent/guardian two weeks prior to the performance.  Excused absences must be made up by a make-up assignment with materials assigned by the instructor within two weeks of the missed performance.  The student is responsible for getting the material from the instructor. A percentage grade will be awarded based upon the results of that test.  Make-up tests not completed within the time issued and unexcused absences earn no credit.

    Student Materials List


    Every student in band must provide their own 1-inch binder with pockets. This will be used to store their class book and sheet music.




    The classroom methods books are listed below for each grade level. Local music stores (and online stores) carry all of these method books. The school has used books if money is an issue.


    5th grade band - Essential Elements Book 1

    6th grade band - Essential Elements Book 2

    7th-8th grade band - Foundations for Superior Performance

    Practice Minutes


    Ensemble rehearsal benefits the most from individual work ethic. Each student who practices not only benefits themselves on their own instrument, but benefits the ensemble as a whole. Individual playing tests will be required every trimester as well. Here is the practice minutes requirement each trimester:


    5th grade band - 400 minutes

    6th-8th grade band - 500 minutes

    For perspective, the quarterly practice requirement can be seen with this example:


    5th - 10 min a day, five days a week

    6th-8th - 12 min a day, five days a week


    One practice slip will be due at the end of each month. Students are more than welcome to practice more than the required amount of practice minutes. The more practice the better!!

    We have read and understand this handbook and will comply with its contents.  We are aware of the grading policy and hereby consent and agree:

    Student name __________________________________________


    Homeroom ____________________________________________


    Parent/Guardian name ___________________________________


    Parent/Guardian signature ________________________________


    Emergency Information


    1. Name and phone number to contact in case of emergency _________________________________________________

    *Any grading policy forms not received by 9/27/19 will be considered accepted by you