Classroom Expectations

  • Second Grade Expectations
    Target Range Tigers will...
    On Task 
    Act With Kindness 
       Arrival and dismissal:
    Before school all second grade students are asked to be outside on the big playground in the back of the school. Supervision is available starting at 8:00 AM. If you child arrives at school before this time, they will be asked to stay in the multipurpose room (lunchroom) with the students having breakfast until supervision is available on the playground. Alternative arrangements will be made during the winter months.  School starts at 8:30. I will pick up students promptly at 8:30 on the big playground. No second grade student is permitted to be in the hallways/classrooms before 8:30, as there is no supervision available.
    Students are dismissed at 3:00. I will walk students to the green gate in the back of the school for the first few weeks. Students who go out back will be dropped off on our way.  After students get the routine down, they will be dismissed to walk out on their own.
    Keep in touch:
    A great way to keep in touch is through email. (
    I check my email periodically throughout the day, it is the quickest way to reach me. You can also call (406-549-9239 Ext. 270)...these are great ways to get a hold of me, although some days we are busier than others and I may not return messages until the following day. If you do not hear from me within 24 hours, please try again! Sometimes emails go to my junk mail. If the message is urgent, please call our office and they will relay the message to me ASAP. I am always happy to sit down and talk in person by appointment. Outside of class time I have meetings and duties, so an appointment is best. 
Last Modified on August 23, 2019