• Mr. D's Classroom Policies



    -Homework and assignments are due the following day at the beginning of each class, unless notified ahead of time.  For each day homework has not been turned in, students automatically lose 40%.  Everyday afterwards, an additional 20% will be deducted. 

    -If a student falls 5 or more assignments behind, a detention will be issued.

    There are exceptions (i.e. sick, parental excuse, dog ate it, etc.)


    Grading Scale


    -The grading rubric is based on a 100% scale.







    NO STUDENT SHOULD ALLOW THEMSELVES TO FALL BELOW 60%!!!  If homework is on time, you participate in class, and are well prepared for exams and quizzes, every student will earn an A.




    -Each student is expected to bring a writing utensil and binder to class each day, along with their book.    Every book will be covered.  Other materials needed:

                            -Loose leaf paper for writing assignments—no edges will be

                            -colored pencils/markers for various projects

                            -glue sticks

                            -three-ringed binder




    -Each student will respect their peers and teachers or consequences will be enforced.  Students are expected to be kind and courteous, listen well, and participation in class is encouraged.


Last Modified on December 8, 2009