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    Classroom Management Policy
    It is important that I create a safe and warm learning environment that facilitates growth, success, and friendship. I believe it is my job to guide students into thinking carefully about their behaviors and choices and that they take ownership of their behavior. 

    Teacher Michelle's Classroom Responsibilities
    1. We are nice to others.

    2. We listen to the teachers.

    3. We play safely.

    4. We keep our classroom clean.

       Keep yourself safe.
       Keep each other safe.
       Keep our classroom safe. 

    Students are expected to follow the Target Range Tigers school rules:

    R- respectful
    O- on task and on time
    A- act with kindness
    R- responsible.
    Please refer to the Student Handbook which can be found online at www.target.k12.mt.us for more information about Target Range behavior expectations and policies.

Last Modified on August 26, 2015