•                                                                                                                                                     August 28, 2018

    Dear Families,    


    We hope you had a wonderful summer! As your child’s 4th grade teachers, we will have the pleasure of spending the next school year with your student. We are very excited about the upcoming year. Please read and discuss the following classroom procedures with your child, then sign and send it with them by Friday.


    School Day: School starts at 8:15 am and ends at 3:30 pm. Every Thursday is early out and our day is done at 2:30 pm. Flexible grouping in math and reading will be used to best meet the instructional needs of each student. Student groups may change depending upon the concept or topic being taught.


    Binder/Planners: Your student will bring their binder and planner home each night. It is their responsibility to have you check and sign the planner daily. Students are required to record assignments in the planner. The planner is a great aid in organization and communication between teacher and families. All materials for your child’s classes, including the planner, should be kept in their binder.


    Homework: Students are given some time in class to work on daily practice, assignments, projects or other classroom activities. However, assignments not completed during class time need to be completed at home and returned the following day unless instructed otherwise.


    English Language Arts: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening

    Reading: Students will be exposed to a variety of genres. Students will have weekly reading minutes and are responsible for getting a parent signature in the planner. Big Ideas: summarizing text, theme/main idea, story elements, comparing and contrasting different text or genre, point of view, and vocabulary

    Writing: Student writing will be connected to reading, units of study and experiences. There will be many opportunities for practice using the writing process. Academic vocabulary and subject specific vocabulary will be integrated in all subject areas throughout the school year. Big Ideas: narrative, informational/explanatory, and argumentative/persuasive


    Social Studies: Each homeroom will visit Mrs. Lorenz for Social Studies. Students will focus on developing geographical understanding of Montana as part of the western United States and its connections with other regions across the nation. Big Ideas: geography skills, learning about our state, region, and United States, and becoming effective citizens


    Math: Each math group will focus on the same learning targets for 4th grade. Fluency practice will be sent home as homework throughout the year. Big Ideas: whole number operations and place value, fractions- equivalence and operations, geometry-classifying shapes and identifying angles


    Double Dip Math: Each homeroom will visit Ms. Squillace for Double Dip Math. This is a great opportunity to further explore math concepts a second time during the day that supports the math curriculum. Big Ideas: fact fluency, graphing, measurement, geometry, and fractions


    Science: Each homeroom will visit Mrs. Swentik for science. Students will focus on developing skills in scientific inquiry through the use of technology and labs. Big Ideas: light and sound, energy, plant and animal adaptations, and our Earth’s natural processes


    Snack: Powerhouse (at 10:10 am) is an optional breakfast choice for students. Also, please feel free to send a healthy snack with your child for the morning or afternoon. Our classrooms are peanut-free. Water bottles are allowed in our classrooms, please label with your student’s name.


    Telephone Use/After school Messages: Students may not use the office phone to make after school plans. If there is a change to their regular after school routine, please notify the office. A message will be relayed to your child.  Cell phones and smart watches must be powered down and in lockers during school hours.

    Lockers: Students will be assigned lockers with the possibility of sharing with another student. Locks for lockers will not be used.   


    Grading Policy: Fourth grade uses a standards based report card.


    Classroom Expectations: ROAR

    R:   Respect

    O:  On time and organized

    A:  Act with Kindness

    R:  Responsible


    In conclusion, we have very high expectations for our students and ourselves.  It is our goal to push and guide each student toward their fullest potential. We will stay in contact with you about any questions, concerns, or accomplishments.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. Our email addresses are: sherese.lorenz@target.k12.mt.us, anne.swentik@target.k12.mt.us and sandy.squillace@target.k12.mt.us  or the school phone number is 549-9239. Looking forward to a great school year!



    Sherese Lorenz, Anne Swentik, and Sandy Squillace