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    Welcome Back Tigers!  

    Just what makes a school lunch?  Schools must offer 5 components for their lunches.  The 5 components are: Milk (Fat Free or 1%), fruit, vegetables, grain (whole grain or whole grain-rich) and protein.  Students may pick 3 - 5 components.  We encourage all 5, however, the student has the freedom to pick only 3. One of the three choices has to be either a full serving of fruit or vegetables.  Same rules apply to breakfast...we don't serve veggies very often for breakfast so they would need to choose a fruit + 2 more items. 

    Target Range School for the forth year will be participating in HOM or Harvest of the Month.  Each month we feature a local, MT grown vegetable, grain, fruit or dairy (our milk is MT milk) in our hot lunch menu, salad bar and sometimes breakfast.  We, also, shop the local Farmers Market (as long as it's open) for fresh vegetables & fruit for both hot lunch and our salad bar.  I hope to glean some goodies from our T.R. garden too!  We love purchasing local and supporting local families and economy.  In winter months I am able to make purchases from Western Montana Grower's Co-Op. Our HOM for September is Kale. Our apples will come from Healthy Harvest Fruits (organic) in Stevensville. Watch the menu for the # for HOM.  Also, the <> signifies local produce is also being used.

    Please fill out your forms if your child has allergies and get a Drs. note to us.  If you did this last year you can stop by and initial that nothing has changed.  Please don't forget to fill out your form for Free or Reduced meals.  The process only takes a few minutes and can even be done on line.  Most people aren't aware that this actually HELPS the schools.  It fuels the students, helps the meal program, takes stress off some families and is, also, one of the driving forces  for the Title One Program.  Remember that if you qualify for Free and Reduced... both meals are included.  The Free and Reduced Program benefits all schools, helping us serve healthy meals that fuel students so they can learn. We love feeding the Tigers!  Zonda, Kaitlyn and I (Neice) are looking forward to another awesome year!

    Aug-September Breakfast Menu

    Aug-September Lunch Menu
    Target Range Kitchen receives bronze award

    Congratulations to our amazing Target Range kitchen staff for being recognized as a Bronze School! Thank you for keeping us healthy and well-fed!

         Smiling teacher with healthy tray     Johnson's Home Grown Produce     Stop Light Salad     Un-Beet-Able Smoothie

     Target Range Lunch Staff Johnsons Kale