• Happy March! February was a month of surprises. Tigers taste tested a few new items...#1 was Chocolate Hummus and it was an immediate hit with both students and staff. So good as a dip for fruit.  Chocolate hummus on a whole grain wrap or flatbread would make a great after school snack...add sliced bananas add some peanut butter if you have no allergies and roll up. Sometimes we make this as a breakfast item...we slice it and call it Breakfast Sushi.

    Students found out that not all beets are red! We had Golden Beets and Candy Cane Beets from Harlequinn Organic Gardens. There is a picture of the Candy Cane Beets on this page along with the Un-Beet-Able Smoothie. Some students enjoyed the beets raw, some roasted  while others made funny faces and didn't like the beet chips. We took a survey and about 75% had never tried beets.  The majority of students found out they did like beets...whether they were roasted, raw, pickled, blended in smoothies or salads.  I am truly amazed at their willingness to "try" something new. #2 New recipe was a Watermelon-Beet Salad. "It's amazing, can I have more"? was just one comment we heard.  A staff member told me,  "It's the best salad I've ever had!" Who would've thought beets and watermelon would taste so great together?  We, also, made Un- Beet-Able Smoothies and our pre-schoolers gave us a thumbs up with everything they taste tested.  We often get reports of parents saying , "he ate beets? or "she ate lentils?"  We love preparing foods differently and giving our students an opoortunity to try new foods.  I am so grateful for our adventurous students...they make our job fun!

    With beets in our rear view mirror we will move on to Grains, trying...MT Purple Prairie Barley, MT Farro, MT Kamut and maybe a few more...let the cooking and baking begin. WE-R-TR &  we love feeding the Tigers!



    April Breakfast Menu

    April Lunch Menu

    Congratulations to our amazing Target Range kitchen staff for being recognized as a Bronze School! 

                 Stop Light Salad     Un-Beet-Able Smoothie  Breakfast Fruit Bowls  Soup and Salad Tray

     Target Range Lunch Staff Johnsons Kale