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                                                    Michelle Glennon                                                        


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    Hello and welcome to the Title 1 room (a.k.a. "Tiger Club")! My name is Michelle Glennon and this is my 13th year teaching reading in our Title 1 program. 

     To say, "I love what I do!" is not an exaggeration. Teaching students who struggle with reading has rapidily become a passion of mine. For me, it's exciting to identify the area of concern, implement a plan of action, and track data. Teaching students to read is also emotionally rewarding; establishing relationships, celebrating breakthroughs, recognizing growth, and acknowledging a student's hard work. I often collaborate with our fantastic team of teachers, specialists, administrators and you, as parents, to provide the best learning environment for our students.

    Please browse through my website. I have provided some answers to some frequently asked questions about Title 1 and some helpful reading links.