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    Welcome to Summer 2019!

    I hope everyone is enjoying their weeks away from school and getting out to do everything you planned. We are staying busy on campus, our maintenance crew is hard at work with facility repairs, cleaning and updating. Our administrative team is finalizing year-end paperwork as well as getting a start on what we will be needing in the fall when we return. Our front office staff is doing a great job of transitioning for the upcoming school year. Please take a few moments to view the front office hours which are located on the home page of our web site. Although we continue to work throughout the summer it is important that our students take this time to be with family and friends.

    The summer months are full of opportunities to keep the Missoula area families quite involved. It is important that our students continue to grow and stay active throughout the summer months. We have included some information that may help with seasonal ideas for the family. These resources are located in the right hand column on the home page of this site.
    I am certain that we will see some of you in the next few weeks having a lot of fun. Please enjoy this time with sunshine and summer activities for all.

    Have a great summer!

    Corey Austin
    Target Range School




Last Modified on June 12, 2019