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    Dear Target Range Neighbors,

    I hope this letter finds you well. 

    As many of you are aware, the Target Range School District has reached out to parents, students, teachers and residents of our neighborhood to engage in helping to plan for the safety and learning future of our students. We sought your opinion of the school facility and your ideas on how the existing school building might be improved to better serve the changing education environment and needs of our students.

    Please log into the school web site https://www.target.k12.mt.us/ to find the link for the upcoming school safety and learning bond including a draft diagram of the facility and Q and A sections. Or you may select a direct link to the site, https://www.targetrangesafetyandlearningbond.org/home Most importantly we have shared the link of the county election office so you can be certain you are registered to vote this spring. This spring we are counting on all eligible voters to vote and return your mail in ballot.

    The bond to improve safety and learning in our school building is different from the general fund levies most Montana school districts run each year.
    The district has not asked for any general fund levies is several years now due to our practice of open enrollment. The open enrollment policy prevents unnecessary increases to your property taxes because operating our school close to full capacity provides more than sufficient educational funding from the State of Montana to cover the school’s operational costs such as teacher salaries and classroom materials.

    The funding support from the out of district students supports the Target Range homeowners and economy.

    You are invited to review the information that is available as well as contact us at your convenience if you have questions or would like to have a discussion about the future or Target Range School.

    Corey Austin
    Target Range School




Last Modified on March 4, 2019