• Dear 1st grade families,

    My name is Melissa Simianer and I am so very excited to get to be yourchild’s 1st grade teacher this year! I LOVE teaching at TargetRange, and am excited to be in 1st grade. This will be my 11thyear teaching at Target Range, and prior to that I had taught in inner-city school district in Phoenix AZ in a 4th grade classroom. I have LOVED all of my teaching experiences, but my DREAM going into teaching was to have a 1st grade classroom of my own…and that dream has come true! I have had a fabulous year time in first grade, & I am just really looking forward to and can hardly stop thinking about what a fabulous year we are all going to have together this year! I LOVE 1st GRADE!!!

    As the year goes on and I get to know your child, I also hope to get to know all of you as well! As I hope that you get to know me too! I hope to work together as a team to make your child the most successful 1st grader, and prepare them for 2nd grade! So a few little tidbits about myself: I love to go to the movies, to go fishing, playing baseball and running with Oliver (who is going into 6th grade here at Target Range), and playing school, or dolls, as well as dancing with my daughter Alayne (who is in 1st grade here at Target Range this year). 

    Me and my family love to playand be active together outside. We are very excited to all be part of the Target Range family this year! I see Target Range as a family, and I am really looking forward to you and your child joining our 1st grade Target Range Family! Please don’t hesitate to call me anytime if you have questions. My phone number is 529-4248. I love volunteers in reading group!!! (9:45-10:45)


    Color: pink

    Drink: Unsweetened Ice Tea

    Restaurant: MustardSeed

    Store: Target and the Book Exchange

    Princess:Cinderellasnow picture.jpg

    Sport: Baseball

    Book: Don’tlet the Pigeon drive the bus, &

    The artof Racing in the rain

    Season: Fall

    Subject: Writing

    Animal: DOG!

    For Fun: Biking,Running, Carmike Movies, Pedicures                    Love, Miss Simianer 

Last Modified on August 28, 2017