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    Welcome to the Speech-Language Pathology page. 

           I'm Shelby Midboe, and this is my 5th year at Target Range School.  I got my Masters Degree in Speech Language Pathology from the Unversity of Montana in 2013.  I also hold my Certificate of Clinical Comptency (CCC) from the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA).  At Target Range, I work with children ages starting at age 3 all the way up to 8th grade who have troubles with  speech sounds, fluency, language, phonological awareness, writing, and many other things. I also work with teachers to make sure they have tools to help students succeed if they have speech and language concerns. 

           When I'm not at school, I can often be found at swim meets, watching my son or getting ice cream from my daughter at Big Dipper!  I also coach swimming for the Missoula YMCA Swim Team and work at other places as an SLP in the summer, teach classes at UM, and supervise graduate student clinicians in Speech Therapy.  I love to hang out on the river, or in the mountains whenever I get a chance.  


    Speech Therapy Information: 

    Want to check how your child is doing with their early milestones?  Please link to the excellent attached document from Linguisystems.


    Not sure how to help your child acquire strong language skills?  Here is a website designed for parents by a Speech Language-Pathologist that is full of blogs and ideas about a wide range of topics!

    Teach Me to Talk website


    Here are some other links if you have questions about early speech and language skills:

    Causes of Speech and Language Impairments


    Warning Signs of Expressive and Receptive Language Delays


    If you have concerns about attention, executive funciton, anxiety, etc. for your child, or just need more information about how any of these affect languge and learning, I highly recommend this website for parents:

     Understood.org website


    Speech services at school have different qualification standards than private therapy does. If you have a speech-language concern about your child, please don't hesitate to call me! 






    Shelby Midboe                  
    Speech Language Pathologist
    (406)549-9239   x 275