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    The first quarter has almost come to an end!

    I can't believe that we are about to begin the second quarter of school! 8th grade has just finished our unit on the layers of the Earth, waves, magnetism, and heat transfer. Next up we will be using plate tectonics, earthquakes, and volcanoes to better understand forces, seismology, and Earth's changing topography.

    7th grade is moving right along as well. They are studying the differences between bacteria, viruses, protists, and fungi. They've had a great time growing various bacteria and mold as well as gaining practical lab skills.  


    I look forward to the rest of the year and hope to continue to build relationships with you and our students. 

    Student growth and engagement truly wouldn't be possible without your support and I will work to maintain an open line of communication throughout the school year. 

    Please don't hesitate to reah out with questions, comments, or concerns.



    I look forward to working with you!



    Sarah Daman