• Target Range School District's board meetings are generally held in the school's library and are open to the public. School board meeting agendas and packets are available online at this website at least three days prior to the board meeting (Friday prior to the next Monday's regular board meeting). Agendas and packets are subject to change up to 48 hours prior to the meeting.  Individuals interested in submitting written items to be considered for placement on the agenda as well as those wishing to have the Board Chair consider an item for placement on the regular board meeting agenda must complete an agenda item request form, available from the school office. It must be submitted to the clerk no later than seven full working days prior to the board meeting.

    The Board meeting will be conducted under the following format:

    • Public comment may be received within designated time limitations (generally three minutes per person unless otherwise noted by the Board). However, the Board will not discuss or take any action on items that are not on the agenda.
    • The Board must protect the privacy rights of individuals. The board cannot permit the audience to provide input that violates the privacy rights of its employees or students. Issues in which an individual's right of privacy outweigh the public's need to know are handled in executive session, and only after such individual receives notice of the issue.
    • All agenda items will be presented and explained by the administration or a Board Member.
    • Prior to the board voting on any substantive issue, the Board Chair will ask for public comment.
    • The Board Chair has discretion to limit the amount of time an individual may present on a topic, but generally individual input is limited to a maximum of three minutes per individual per agenda topic.
    • Following public discussion and Board Member's discussion, if necessary, the Board will vote.
Last Modified on November 11, 2014